Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Any Ideas?

Danny and I got a call a few days ago and we were asked to speak in Sacrament meeting on Mother's Day! Not alot of time but I am a procrastinater, so I wouldn't have started yet anyway.

This is what I was asked to speak about:

Stephanie – your topic is “The Righteous Influence of Mothers” –

Danny's is:

Danny – your topic is “The Family: A Proclamation to The World.”

So if any of you fine people have a great story or quote and would not mind sharing I would love it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Better late than never! Happy Birthday Jake!

Jacob Brennon Torgersen

How I love this little boy! Jake turned 1 on March 22nd, ( I am just posting now) I can't believe he is so big! He is such a sweet baby. He has brought so much joy to our family. I thought I would list all of the things I love about Jake and the fun things he likes to do!

He is so curious about everything and loves to get into mischif. He climbs on everything, he will push the chair all around the kitchen so he can climb up and see what I am doing. He loves to help unload the dishwasher and break a dish or two. He thinks it is his job to pull everything out of the tupperware cubboard, he climbs all the way in to get every last lid. He loves to play outside and eat the sidewalk chalk that the kids leave out. (He thinks bark, dirt and rocks are pretty yummy too)! Pulling Lindsey's hair is also a favorite, pulling anyone's hair for that matter. He loves to wrestle! If anyone is on the ground they had better be prepared to roll around with Jake. He LOVES to play ball, kick it, throw it, swing at it and he waits for you to throw it back! I can't resist him, if I am busy doing something and he brings a ball and throws it to me, I have to stop and play. He is a patient little guy. He sits through baseball and dance and all of the other places we drag him, usually without a peep! I love his slobbery kisses and sweet hugs. I love his funny faces when something excites him. Mostly I love to snuggle him at night right before bed time. He likes to be cheek to cheek when I sing to him. I love my little Jakey and I am so grateful that Heavenly Father is in charge and gave us the best suprise of our life!

Happy 1st birthday Jake! We stripped him down so he could dive into his cake!

He got right down to business.

It wasn't long before the others had to join in on the fun and cake started to fly!

Aydon is usually the one that starts it... but I will confess and say I smeared it on his face first. ( I couldn't resist)

Lauren had it in her hair which was fun to get out! That frosting was thick and a pain in the butt to clean up!

Danny gave Jake a bath in sink! While I gave the kitchen floor a scrub. We had a fun time and we hadn't even opened presents yet.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I love spring!

We had another busy day of baseball, dance and enjoying the beautiful weather. Baseball as I said before is great this year, all of the boys are really having a great season and having lot's of fun. Jake was such a good baby to sit in his stroller for the hour and a half and the girls played with Sydnie and Hallie the whole time. I actually got to watch! Lauren has her dance class at DG2 and she loves it. It is so much fun to watch the girls, the song they dance to is "Shake your tail feather" and that is exactly what they do. It's amazing how fast Lauren and all the girls have picked up Tap. We are really looking forward to the recital. As for the rest of our day we did some weeding in the back yard had some ice cream, road bikes, played with neighbors and enjoyed the warm sunshine. Danny was gone so it wasn't the "PERFECT" day, but there is always tomorrow.