Saturday, March 28, 2009

My baby turned 2! 25 Things I Adore about Jakey!

Why do kids have to grow so fast? I love each and every stage that I have been through with my kids, yes even the terrible 2's! It has all gone by so quickly and I miss them being tiny!! Jake had a fun birthday. For some reason in our family birthday's are celebrated atleast twice if not 3 times. We celebrated on St. Patricks day and again on his actual birthday! If I could figure out what file the pictures got put in I would post them but until then, here is Jake playing and biting as many bubbles as he can.

So here we go with the 25 things I love about Jake:

1. Jake is ALL boy! He wants to fight and wrestle at all times.

2. He LOVES his Daddy. He gets so excited when Danny gets home. That is when WWF smack down begins. Danny loves it too!

3. Whenever he gets caught doing something he puts his arms out for a hug and very sweetly says "MOMMY". It is very difficult to be mad after that.

4. He has the best kisses. Although they are a longer process than most. When ever Jake kisses me, he kisses both checks first and then I have to kiss both of his cheeks and any owee's he can find on his body and then finally a real smooch. I LOVE IT!

5. Jake likes to lip sync. It is so funny. Whenever he hears music he starts mouthing the words, (even though he doesn't have a clue) he is pretty convincing too.

6. The child is 2 and STILL loves his bottle! Now, I don't know that I love that part, but he has this routine in the morning, he will find me or Danny and with his tired face, asks for his bottle , then goes and turns on the T.V. grabs a blanket and waits on the couch. And we had better get it in timely matter or we will hear about it.

7. "P" seems to be the hardest letter for him to say. Some of his favorite things start with this letter. He loves popcorn, popsicles and pickles. He can't say the word without spitting.

8. Jake is Hudini. He can get out of everything, the stroller, his car seat!! He just wiggles and wiggles until he gets out.

9. His favorite movies are "HoHo" that means anything with Santa Claus! Toy Story, Buzz Light Year is his idol. He acts out the beginning and runs around the house with arms up and pretends he is flying. Aydon used to do the same thing. And last but not least " Donkey". My 2 year old loves Shrek. Not the best choice and hopefully he never repeats anything that they say.

10. He copies everything you say. This can be good and bad.

11. When ever Jake gets scared he runs and finds a blanket to put over his head. Then he usually comes out swinging because he gets mad that some one or thing scared him. He says "that Scawy".

12.. He Says "meam" instead of mean. I get that alot for being a "Meam Momma".

13. He is very smart. He can work anything electronic. He is starting to get the sounds down for his letter and when I start to count to 3 because I want one of the kids to get there bums over here, he usually finishes counting for me and keeps going.

14. He loves his brother and sisters. He calls Lauren "LoLo", and she calls him "JoJo". He likes to torture Lindsey. He takes her things and runs as fast as he can.

15. He steals Aydon's Nintendo DS any chance he gets and hides hoping that Aydon won't find him. Some how he figures out a way to delete Aydon's saved files. Not good.

16. He is a happy boy. He always has a little bounce in his step. But don't get on his bad side.

17. If Jake see's anyone kiss or say I love you on cartoons he says "EEEWWWW". How he figured that out already I don't know.

18. Jake makes more sound affects than Jim Carey. He comes up with the funniest noises.

19. Jake loves motorcycles. He would ride on Aydon's 50 any chance he could ( with Danny or I) and now he tries to ride Grandpas Harley. He climbs up and starts in with motorcycle noises and he pushes every button possible.

20. "Hurwe, big mess". Hurry, means Jake has broke or spilled something and he has come to tell on himself. It is truly hard to be mad at this child because he says and does the cutest things, especially sense he is confessing.

21. Jake loves to be outside! He would stay out all day if he could. I think I need to send him back to Papa Don's farm where he can run free like the wild animal he really is. He definately takes after his Daddy and I love it.

22. He loves anything to do with a ball. He wants to play basketball, baseball, golf anything that involves sports. He likes to watch golf on T.V. with Grandpa. BORING!!!!!

23. Jake loves bath time. Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles. He wants to stay in until he turns into a prune.

24. Jake loves to snuggle before bed time. He wraps one arm around your neck and puts his forehead on yours and starts to whisper. He loves to whisper gibberish in our ear.

25. And last but not least, the child is so dang cute and knows how to work the system. His big blue eyes and dimples melt my heart. He is our true blondie. I am so grateful for the sweet spirit he has brought to our family and that Heavenly Father knew better than us and sent him regardless of us thinking we were done. He completes our family so perfectly. We love you Jakey!