Saturday, May 15, 2010

Those moments...

Lately I have had a lot of "Those Moments", when I pause for a second to watch my children play and soak up each smile and giggle. To relax when Jake has spilled his cup for the 3rd time today and laugh with him instead of being upset. To take the time to sit it the grass while Jake picks me "Flowers" and puts them in my hair and tells me it looks beautiful. To stop and paint pictures with Lindsey and listen to her fabulous ideas about what she will do when she is a grown up. To dance cheek to cheek with my Jakey who won't let me put him down until the song is over. To sing Taylor Swift and dance around the room with Lauren and Lindsey. To listen to Lauren do her impersonations of "Sicky Vicky" and to get to be the 3rd Princess in the "Real Princesses Of New Jersey" Skit. (My girls have the greatest Jersey accent!) I have loved watching Aydon run his little heart out to 1st base or make an awesome play and have his team mates tackle him in excitement. Then watch him step up to the plate and strike out and see the disappointment on his face and watch one of his team mates put their arm around him encourage him to give it his all next time. When the kids ask if I will sleep in their room until they fall asleep and I can't say no. To take the time to play hide and seek in the dark and listen to the kids squeal and then beg us to keep playing. To set up the tent in the back yard for Jake and Lindsey and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in there because I was invited over to their "House". To catch lady bugs and make houses for them. To makes smores over the kitchen stove when it is cold and raining outside. To watch the kids ZOOM around on their bikes on our patio in the back yard and get to be the announcer for the "RACE". To watch them run through the sprinklers in their under ware. When I see the girls climb on Danny's lap and snuggle with their Daddy and kiss his checks and pray they never get to old for snuggle time. There are so many simple things that happen and if we don't stop to enjoy them, they will easily be missed. The kiss and hug your baby gives you that gives you goose bumps because you love that little person so much. Time goes so fast and it is so easy to get caught up in the day to day routine and forget to write down those sweet little moments that I never want to forget. There is NO greater joy than being a mother even on the crazy days. They are my world and my treasures and I am so grateful that they are ours forever!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Worth the time....

Sure makes you realize your blessings. Don't forget to pause the music.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Aydon!!!

Today Aydon is 10! That is double digits. This is the first birthday that I can honestly say I have been on the verge of tears. Aydon can't be 10, I just had him yesterday. Atleast that is how I feel. I fought through and we had a great day.
Lindsey and I got up early to make Aydon his birthday breakast. We had poached eggs, smokies, grapes, chocolate and crumb doughnuts and OJ. I took Aydon shopping yesterday and that is what he picked out. We all woke up Aydon by singing Happy Birthday to him. During breakfast Danny and I told the kids all the memories we have of the day they were born. We laughed as we told all the funny stories of how I went to the hospital thinking my water had broke but Aydon had just kicked my bladder really hard and made me pee my pants! He thought that was hilarious! Then it was off to school. I brought Aydon lunch and Danny spent recess at school with him and had all the kids around him on the play ground sing Happy Birthday to him. Then my Mom and I brought cup cakes in the his class where we sang again. He is so sweet, even with all of his friends around, Aydon always gives me a kiss and hug goodbye and thanked me for bringing him lunch and cupcakes. Then I went to the store and picked up the gift he has been wanting for a long time. I got the last Wii that target had this week. Now we have been putting off buying this because for one I thought it was rediculously expensive and he already has a PS2. I don't think he needs more than one gaming system. So after alot of negotiating on Aydon's part, we agreed that if he could come up with half, we would match it. He also said he would sell his PS2 on craigslist, DEAL! We had the family over tonight for Pizza (of course) and cake. Aydon opened all his cards and was excited to get money to out towards the wii. After he was done we pretended that was all there was and he went to play with the kids. Danny called him into the kitchen and suprised him. It is so fun to see Aydon get so excited! Needless to say we have been playing wii sports all night. Very fun. Even my Grandma got in on the bowling.

Singing Happy Birthday, AGAIN. Aydon said "It is nice that everyone wants to sing to me Mom but everytime I answer the phone people are singing, everywhere I go people are singing, it has to stop." He is too funny!

Aydon excited when he saw the Wii.

FINALLY! !!! He can sleep well tonight! He gave me the money for the half of the Wii, which was honestly hard for me to do because alot of it was from his birthday but he is understanding concepts of money that is important.
Aydon is such a sweet boy. He is ALWAYS concerned about his siblings almost paranoid about them being safe. On Halloween he took Jake up to every door instead of running ahead with the older kids. He said he wanted to make sure Jake was ok and didn't get scared. The other kids decided to stay with Aydon and walk up with Jake and Lindsey too! Aydon teaches me something new everyday. I love watching him grow and become the wonderful boy that he is but at the same time it makes me sad to think about how quickly time is going by. However, Aydon did promise that he would never move away from home, I just need to get that in writing! We love you so much Aydon and there is no greater blessing in this world than being your Mom and Dad. Happy Birthday!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Halloween with no Pictures!

I am so bummed I forgot my camera last night. I don't have any pictures of my kiddos lookin so cute. Aydon was GI Joe. He was in all camo and we pianted his face camo. Very cool. Lauren was a 50's girl in her cute poodle skirt all dolled up. Lindsey FINALLY picked her costume after going through 3 of them. She first was Barbie and the 3 musketeers, then she was a ballerina and then she decided to be a little bunny rabbit. She was so cute with her fluffy white tail and cute pink nose. Jakers was BATMAN he was adorable. We painted a bat around his eyes under his mask. We headed to my sisters as we do each year and it always is a blast. Really fun neighborhood. Warm and yummy soup and salad and lots of other goodies. Great food, great company. Wish I had my camera.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We moved...

Well we finally found a house we can settle in after year of not knowing if we were coming or going. We love it! It is so similar to our old house and the kids really like it. We just have to put the yard in. I am taking a break in between unpacking and hanging pictures. It has been so much fun to see all of the things that have been packed up for a year. The kids think is is Christmas. Maybe I should of waited until then and just unpacked their old toys. We found some of our old journals and loved reading all of the funny things we wrote about the kids so that inspired me yet again to be more diligent about writing things down. I will have to post pictures later.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The months in the life of a blog slacker.

I say months because that is how long it has been since I have posted. I was looking at my kids today and in disbelief of how big they are. I have felt the need to be better at journaling because I don't want to forget all of the fun memories we make on a daily basis. There fore I am committed to catching up on my blogging as well. Slowly but surely I will get there.

So for starters we went to Utah this summer for a fabulous Torgersen Family Reunion. We were there for 10 days and camped for 3 of them. The camping spot was gorgeous, the food was delicious but the company was the best of all. It was so much fun to catch up with family members we hadn't seen in years. We spent the rest of the time at Mom and Dad's and did what we do best, laughed, played, took several trips to Richfield and cooked. It was so nice to take a break from the presures of life and relax on the farm. The kids ran and played with cousins all day and night. It was honestly so much fun. It never lasts long enough.

Ok I don't know what this thing is called but it should be called the human sling shot. It was fun for kids and adults.

Daddy and Lindsey snuggling.
Danny kicking off the festivities. We raffeled off some awesome baskets and told stories, some true, some not so sure. But we had the best time and can't wait for the next one.
Group picture. This was only a 1/4 of the people who were there.
They had crafts and games to play. These kids had non stop fun.
We are missing 4 girls but here are a few of us. I love these ladies.

Mom and I playing one of the games. We were laughing so hard that Mom sprayed me with black licorice spit. Fun Fun. Hey atleast neither of us wet our pants. I was surprised.

Grandmelinda and Lauren. Just before this picture Lauren was telling on someone and needed Grandma to save the day. She knows she can count on her Grandma.

This was the view from our tent. Awesome spot. Good job Danny and Dad.
Lindsey and Benjamin played in the sprinkles while Jen and I brought in groceries from Richfield. Never mind that it was raining and we were in the middle of a thunder storm. They had a blast and we loved watching them squeal and giggle.

These 2 love eachother.

We love Grandpa Bob.

Aunt Jaris and the kiddos. Aydon can't get enough of wrestling with Aunt Jaris. He tries to tackle her every chance he gets. And she is such a fun Aunt that she takes him down every time.

The whole family after Gavin's Baptism. That was a fun day. Accept when Matt and Lindy left.

Launi and my Little EVIE! I want to bite this little girl every time I see her. She shakes her little bum when she walks and does the CUTEST things. I love love love her. When Lauren see's Evie's picture on the computer she says " Mom turn it off, I just can't take it, she is so dang cute." She and I feel the same way about this little munchkin.

What else can I say but they are too cute not to post.

These boys had so much fun together. Aydon loves his cousins.

It was so fun to see the Pace fam. I didn't know they were going to make it to the baptism but so glad they did. It's fun to catch up with old friends. Beautifuls girls! Lindsey and Leah loved playing with Lydia, Addison and Averi.
Lindsey and Megan summed up how we all felt when it is time to say goodbye. They were both crying and it broke my heart. These 2 were inseperable the whole time. We can't wait for October so we can see everyone again.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sleep overs and hurt kids!! Not a good combo.

Last night we had a fun sleep over with a couple of the kids friends. The girls rocked out to music, made up dance moves to the songs, played with makeup and dressed up. The boys were boys, wrestling, video games and teasing the girls. Danny and I took 6 kids "night swimming." The kids love to go after dark, we scare away the other adults that come at night to try and avoid all of the crazy kids that are there during the day. The kids stayed up way to late and fell asleep watching movies. Today we met at this great water park in Rocklin to swap kiddos. We meet once a week to let the kids play and Mom's chat. We were all having a great time the kids were soaked and happy and then Brayden (Aydon's friend) came to tell me that Aydon had a bloody nose. So I grabbed a towel and was helping him and I saw Jake climbing up a ladder to get to the second level on the play structure. Now as Mom's I know you have all experianced that gut feeling when you know something bad is going to happen. Jake is a climber and is really stable but I just felt like he was going to fall so I started to run towards him and down he came. He was up about 4 or 5 feet and landed on his feet and then his bum. He was screaming and shaking and he could not get up. My friend Lisa came over and we were moving his legs around and checking everything out. From the way he fell I thought he broke his leg, but then I looked and his ankles and the right one was already completely swollen. Needless to say we were done at the park and called our Doctor. He sprained his ankle. He is a trooper though, he is letting us ice it and taking motrin, but he gets frusterated because everytime he tries to walk it hurts so he is back to crawling. We are going to go back to the Doc in 3 days to check and make sure everything is healing ok. I am carrying him to go potty and the other kids bring him all of his toys and read to him so he is in good hands. It just stinks when your kids are hurt. Still can't find my cord, so no pictures. It's around here somewhere. Happy summer days!