Saturday, September 12, 2009

The months in the life of a blog slacker.

I say months because that is how long it has been since I have posted. I was looking at my kids today and in disbelief of how big they are. I have felt the need to be better at journaling because I don't want to forget all of the fun memories we make on a daily basis. There fore I am committed to catching up on my blogging as well. Slowly but surely I will get there.

So for starters we went to Utah this summer for a fabulous Torgersen Family Reunion. We were there for 10 days and camped for 3 of them. The camping spot was gorgeous, the food was delicious but the company was the best of all. It was so much fun to catch up with family members we hadn't seen in years. We spent the rest of the time at Mom and Dad's and did what we do best, laughed, played, took several trips to Richfield and cooked. It was so nice to take a break from the presures of life and relax on the farm. The kids ran and played with cousins all day and night. It was honestly so much fun. It never lasts long enough.

Ok I don't know what this thing is called but it should be called the human sling shot. It was fun for kids and adults.

Daddy and Lindsey snuggling.
Danny kicking off the festivities. We raffeled off some awesome baskets and told stories, some true, some not so sure. But we had the best time and can't wait for the next one.
Group picture. This was only a 1/4 of the people who were there.
They had crafts and games to play. These kids had non stop fun.
We are missing 4 girls but here are a few of us. I love these ladies.

Mom and I playing one of the games. We were laughing so hard that Mom sprayed me with black licorice spit. Fun Fun. Hey atleast neither of us wet our pants. I was surprised.

Grandmelinda and Lauren. Just before this picture Lauren was telling on someone and needed Grandma to save the day. She knows she can count on her Grandma.

This was the view from our tent. Awesome spot. Good job Danny and Dad.
Lindsey and Benjamin played in the sprinkles while Jen and I brought in groceries from Richfield. Never mind that it was raining and we were in the middle of a thunder storm. They had a blast and we loved watching them squeal and giggle.

These 2 love eachother.

We love Grandpa Bob.

Aunt Jaris and the kiddos. Aydon can't get enough of wrestling with Aunt Jaris. He tries to tackle her every chance he gets. And she is such a fun Aunt that she takes him down every time.

The whole family after Gavin's Baptism. That was a fun day. Accept when Matt and Lindy left.

Launi and my Little EVIE! I want to bite this little girl every time I see her. She shakes her little bum when she walks and does the CUTEST things. I love love love her. When Lauren see's Evie's picture on the computer she says " Mom turn it off, I just can't take it, she is so dang cute." She and I feel the same way about this little munchkin.

What else can I say but they are too cute not to post.

These boys had so much fun together. Aydon loves his cousins.

It was so fun to see the Pace fam. I didn't know they were going to make it to the baptism but so glad they did. It's fun to catch up with old friends. Beautifuls girls! Lindsey and Leah loved playing with Lydia, Addison and Averi.
Lindsey and Megan summed up how we all felt when it is time to say goodbye. They were both crying and it broke my heart. These 2 were inseperable the whole time. We can't wait for October so we can see everyone again.