Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Potty Training and growing kids!

This is how I usually find Jake these days! He can strip in 10 seconds! He decided he no longer likes diapers so whenever I am not looking the child gets naked. Now most parents might be excited about this but I am not so sure! He has not got the idea of #2 and goes in the diaper and then takes it off and hands it to me or my Mom. Yesterday he took one off and there was just a little pebble size poop in there and it fell out on the bathroom floor. So he proceeds to pick it up and had it to Grandma! My Mom screamed and was laughing her gusts out and I started the bath water. Then the other day he had taken his daiper off and was headed for the potty but he started peeing befor he got there. He was trying to hold it in with his hand as I picked him up and went running for the bathroom. He left a trail from the family room to the bath room. Fun stuff! In church on Sunday my Mom tapped me on the shoulder and pointed out to me that Jake was at the end of the row with his pants down to his ankles. I am sure the people behind us thought that was great. So..... am I ready for this, not really, but I guess he is. I thought I would try this spring after he turned 2!
Yes he is sitting backwards! That is the way we had Aydon do it until he could learn how the aim a little better. So I clean pee off the tiolet and not me!!!

He is getting so BIG! I can't stand it. I feel like it was yesterday that I about died when I found out I was pregnant with this little guy. Little did we know that he would be the best surprise we have ever had! We love our little Jakey.

Jake runs to Aydon and Lauren every morning before school to give them hugs and kisses. He wraps his entire body around them. It looks like Aydon is struggling to hold the little tank. Then he stands ot the window blowing kisses to them.

The weather has been FABULOUS and we have taken the opportunity to use my parents spa in the evenings. I have to have one of my own. It feels wonderful to get in there and relax. Even with the kids splashing around. Jake loves the jets! he humms as they hit his back. I didn't get in this time, I got to be the towel girl.


Lisa said...

Great pictures! looks like you guys are busy. gotta love naked little boys.

Raimi said...

I can't believe he is already potty training-WOW. Brody just says "eeeewwww" when he needs to be changed.
Way to go Jake, can you please tell your friend Brody that potty training is the cool thing to do these days -LOL!

Lindy said...

Oh! Can we come swimming? I can see us all in that little pool and all I can do is laugh. But we would have fun, wouldn't we? We miss you all so much. I seriously can't wait for the family reunion. Let's just plan on staying for another week or so. Love you -Lindy

The Godoy's said...

I can't believe how big he is!!! I miss you guys..give all your little ones sqeezes for us!! love you!

gramelinda said...

This makes us so lonesome for that little guy! Can you believe that he is almost 2? And we just keep letting time slip by....we miss you all!!! xoxoxoxoxox