Saturday, May 15, 2010

Those moments...

Lately I have had a lot of "Those Moments", when I pause for a second to watch my children play and soak up each smile and giggle. To relax when Jake has spilled his cup for the 3rd time today and laugh with him instead of being upset. To take the time to sit it the grass while Jake picks me "Flowers" and puts them in my hair and tells me it looks beautiful. To stop and paint pictures with Lindsey and listen to her fabulous ideas about what she will do when she is a grown up. To dance cheek to cheek with my Jakey who won't let me put him down until the song is over. To sing Taylor Swift and dance around the room with Lauren and Lindsey. To listen to Lauren do her impersonations of "Sicky Vicky" and to get to be the 3rd Princess in the "Real Princesses Of New Jersey" Skit. (My girls have the greatest Jersey accent!) I have loved watching Aydon run his little heart out to 1st base or make an awesome play and have his team mates tackle him in excitement. Then watch him step up to the plate and strike out and see the disappointment on his face and watch one of his team mates put their arm around him encourage him to give it his all next time. When the kids ask if I will sleep in their room until they fall asleep and I can't say no. To take the time to play hide and seek in the dark and listen to the kids squeal and then beg us to keep playing. To set up the tent in the back yard for Jake and Lindsey and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in there because I was invited over to their "House". To catch lady bugs and make houses for them. To makes smores over the kitchen stove when it is cold and raining outside. To watch the kids ZOOM around on their bikes on our patio in the back yard and get to be the announcer for the "RACE". To watch them run through the sprinklers in their under ware. When I see the girls climb on Danny's lap and snuggle with their Daddy and kiss his checks and pray they never get to old for snuggle time. There are so many simple things that happen and if we don't stop to enjoy them, they will easily be missed. The kiss and hug your baby gives you that gives you goose bumps because you love that little person so much. Time goes so fast and it is so easy to get caught up in the day to day routine and forget to write down those sweet little moments that I never want to forget. There is NO greater joy than being a mother even on the crazy days. They are my world and my treasures and I am so grateful that they are ours forever!


Raimi said...

Loved your post. Thanks for the reminder to slow down. Time is moving way too fast...and yet I can't imagine my world without little people running around :-).We have to enjoy it all.

Pedro Garcia Millan said...



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Mandi said...

Amazing, thank you I needed that tonight!

Stephanie said...

I am wondering who this Pedro guy is and why he is commenting on my blog. Weird!

Julia said...

What a beautiful family you have and your post is just lovely and heartfelt. I wish I had created a blog when my baby (now almost 14) was growing up. I miss those special moments with my little buddy. God Bless you and your family:)

Julia said...

That Millan guy sounds creepy. Is there any way you can block him?

The Godoy's said...

thank you steph:) i loved your helped me to take the time to "remember" you!

gramelinda said...

Get rid of Pedro! Ugh! We love you and didn't know you had updated this magnificent blog! How perfect, the words of your heart! We still feel sad about this summer,and hope a miracle happens to change the outlook! Thank you for the pictures and memories of things that really matter! xoxoxoxox

Lindy said...

miss you guys -xoxo Lindy

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