Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sleep overs and hurt kids!! Not a good combo.

Last night we had a fun sleep over with a couple of the kids friends. The girls rocked out to music, made up dance moves to the songs, played with makeup and dressed up. The boys were boys, wrestling, video games and teasing the girls. Danny and I took 6 kids "night swimming." The kids love to go after dark, we scare away the other adults that come at night to try and avoid all of the crazy kids that are there during the day. The kids stayed up way to late and fell asleep watching movies. Today we met at this great water park in Rocklin to swap kiddos. We meet once a week to let the kids play and Mom's chat. We were all having a great time the kids were soaked and happy and then Brayden (Aydon's friend) came to tell me that Aydon had a bloody nose. So I grabbed a towel and was helping him and I saw Jake climbing up a ladder to get to the second level on the play structure. Now as Mom's I know you have all experianced that gut feeling when you know something bad is going to happen. Jake is a climber and is really stable but I just felt like he was going to fall so I started to run towards him and down he came. He was up about 4 or 5 feet and landed on his feet and then his bum. He was screaming and shaking and he could not get up. My friend Lisa came over and we were moving his legs around and checking everything out. From the way he fell I thought he broke his leg, but then I looked and his ankles and the right one was already completely swollen. Needless to say we were done at the park and called our Doctor. He sprained his ankle. He is a trooper though, he is letting us ice it and taking motrin, but he gets frusterated because everytime he tries to walk it hurts so he is back to crawling. We are going to go back to the Doc in 3 days to check and make sure everything is healing ok. I am carrying him to go potty and the other kids bring him all of his toys and read to him so he is in good hands. It just stinks when your kids are hurt. Still can't find my cord, so no pictures. It's around here somewhere. Happy summer days!