Monday, December 15, 2008

A post for Jen!

Jen, I hope these are the pictures you had in mind. Let me know. I can't find any others that have costumes. Let me know if they print off ok.


The Knight's said...

I loved seeing all of your pictures! What a beautiful family you have and can I just say I miss you all so much! ? Okay, I miss you all so much. I also loved reading about all of your fun Christmas traditions. Being home this year at our own home has really made me think about the traditions we have - and don't have for that matter. I think I might be incorporating some of yours. We love you. Have a wonderful Christmas - we will be thinking of and missing you. Love , Lindy

The Knight's said...

thanks a bunch for posting these pics...we have been dying to see your sweet faces! we love you and are thinking about you and your fam. give our love to nina....they are in our prayers!