Friday, August 8, 2008

Swimming at Grandma's House

We had a great time swimming at Great Grandma's House today! I told the kids if they got all of their chores done early this morning that we would spend the rest of the day swimming. I am not against bribing my children and it works like a charm. My house is clean and the kids didn't complain once. We had a great time we brought lunch with us and then swam for 4 hours. So the best part of this is that all of my little munchkins are exhausted and taking naps and I have a moment to myself, ahhhhh!

So Miss Lindsey did great today! She has always loved the water up until a couple of weeks ago when she jumped in the pool without her floaties. She sunk! I was right there but she still was terrified. So we have spent the past couple of weeks getting her comfortable in the water again.

Jakey was in and out, and in and out! I was chasing that child all over. He has NO FEAR! He would jump to Aydon and I, even when we weren't looking! Then he would get out for a while and explore the pool grounds as curious toddlers do. Then stop to play with Grandma and eat and eat and eat! Little Porker!

Lindsey sat on the steps for a little while to get used to the water. She and Jake would throw the water rings for Aydon and Lauren to go get.

We finally made some progress! She would jump in and kick to me as long as I stayed close. And then she was off on her own. She would "swim" all over and get mad if you tried to help her. I was so proud of her.

Lindsey kept telling Lauren that she would save her and teach her how to swim as good as her. She and Lauren are both sugar and spice. I have no idea where they got that from!

Aydon was trying to stand up on his kick board. That thing went flying!

I had to put this one in because it so cute! I want to eat her! She was telling me to sing her the Little Mermaid song because she felt like Ariel in the water.

Aydon and Lauren would dive for rings all day if I let them. Who would of thought a plastic cirlce could entertain kids for hours!

Lauren is a great swimmer and such a good helper to me with the little ones.

The bigger kids were playing motor boat with the little ones. I love to hear them giggle when they speed up.

How perfectly Lindsey!

It was a little cold at first but it didn't take him long to jump in.

Aydon was trying to pick everyone up including me, he said he likes how strong he becomes in the water. He and Lauren played so well with not a sinlge tiff and life is bliss when that happens. I have to take a picture.


The Torgersen's said...

Honestly, I wouldn't survive living in California without access to a pool! I love swimming with my kids for the same reasons, fun and exhausted sleepers!! Fun Fun Fun!

Raimi said...

Looks like a splashing good time. Your little ones are all so cute. You & your kiddos have been so lucky to have the Grandma's close by. Enjoy!!!

Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

What a great time! If only my girls liked getting wet - then we could have pool bribes too. Good for you!