Sunday, July 27, 2008

A post for Danny.

Danny is in has been in Utah for 8 days now and let me tell you we don't like it at all. Jake walks around the house and looking in all the rooms and saying "dada, knock knock" Jake doesn't talk a whole bunch yet but he can tell a knock knock joke and he thinks it is so funny. I think he thinks that he and Daddy are playing the longest game of hide and seek ever and he is ready for daddy to come out! Danny asked me to send some pictures of what we have been up to. The kids love the new outdoor mall called " The Fountains." It is a really cute place and has cool water fountains that dances to music and changes colors , there is one that the kids can run through to cool off and they love it. It's better at night so you can see all of the colors. Fun shops but totally expensive so we window shop.

The kids were trying to get on this Moose. Probably not a good idea

Lauren has picked up the peace symbol as her new trademark. She is kind of a flower power girl.

Jake had a great time, he tried his little heart out to get IN the fountains, watching was not enough. He keep saying WOW!

There is a little park area in front of Big Spoon so we got some ice cream and waited until it got a little bit darker so we could go back to the fountains.
The kids found lots of friends to play with in the park. Someone had brought a huge soccer ball and the kids got a group together to play. My pictures didn't turn out because it was too dark, but they had a blast.

Lauren even stopped to give Jakey a smooch. He was cheering them on from the side lines.

My Mom is Lindsey's second mother. She wants to be with her every where she goes and my Mom loves every second of it. I have no idea what those 2 are going to do without eachother. Lindsey fully expects Grandma to move to Utah with us.
Grandpa and Aydon hanging out. Gary is great with the kids and they love him. He is so helpful to me too! He is always asking what he can do to help. Those are a mom's favorite words!

This picture is my favorite! The fountains dance to music and Aydon thought he was the conductor. Right at the end when all the water shot straight up Aydon hit it perfectly. He had us all laughing our guts out!

He is pretty proud of his orchestrating!

Well we have been trying to keep busy without Danny but it sure would be more if he was here. We miss him like crazy! He has never been away this long and we aren't really sure when he will be back. (Hopefully next week.) We love you hunny!


The Garcia's said...

Hi Stephanie! I'm sorry you've been alone for so long. I'm glad you have your parents to help you out. It looks like you're making the best of it and having fun. We got home late Friday night. I'm so jealous you get to move to Utah I wish I could come with you. Call me this week so we can hang out!

The Godoy's said...

Can I just tell you that we miss you like crazy..your kids are so dang cute and I need lindsay to come and play with her "baby"!! I miss you so much already. I love you and hope all is well for you!

Amy K said...

Seeing these pictures really makes me want to go, it looks like so much fun! I had a great time with you today and I will miss you tons. Lets do it again soon!

Mimi said...

Hey Steph,it's Mimi. Found your blog from another blog and another before that and well lost track. Anywho...must keep in touch through the blog. Seriously, could your family be any cuter???!!!