Monday, December 3, 2007

Our Half Dozen...

We are now a family of 6....still blows our minds! We spent last week decorating our house for Christmas and when we hung up our stockings over the fireplace it amazed Steph and I how many stockings are up there!! Time flies by so fast and in the blink of an eye 10 years has passed and we now have 2 boys and 2 girls that are the aboslute light of our life! Glad that you could join us today for a small glimpse into our life as we know it!

So, we just got home not long ago from our Thanksgiving trip to Koosharem. The sky looks blue in most of these pictures, but let me tell you was butt cold! Aydon spent most of his time jumping off the roof of the lambing shed and leading his sisters around the farm, checking out the wells and climbing the haystack!

Aydon also passed off his firt merit badge where he had to raise the flag. Although it was cold, Papa Don hooked us up with a flag and we all sang the Star Spangled Banner. You can see aunt Launi couldn't hang in the cold too long (as she beats cheaks inside).

OF course, November is a big month for us for birthdays. We spent Steph's birthday in the car checking out the scenery in Nevada and Northern Utah. Bummer. I'll make up for it for her though...
As for Lauren, we celebrated her birthday 3 times. Once in Koosharem, once at Gandpa Bob and Gramma Glory's on the way home, and again when we got home with Grandpa Gary and Gramma Debbie. Lots of cakes. Lots of love! She had a great week with lots of sweets and lots of presents!


The Torgersen's said...

The blog is looking good, try to post the pics with your message so when people look at them they can click to enlarge them. Save the sides for all the extra crap you want to add permanently to the blog. Call me after 9pm on Wednesday and I'll help you.

Lisa said...

Hi Stephanie,
Welcome to the blogging world. I'll send an email to you with my blog address. It's a lot of fun!!
We missed you at Enrichment tonight, it was nice. See you at the Pinewood Derby.
~Lisa H.